Pilot Study & Download TRUST Tool

In a pilot study at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA, the impact on patient satisfaction was tested using the Passport to TRUST template.  The goal is to facilitate the interactions between a doctor and patient using the following outline during the visit:


  • Discuss the potential causes of an individual’s presenting symptoms
  • List and justify the tests and treatments needed and how they will change management
  • Define “red flags” that should trigger an urgent evaluation
  • List timelines and how follow-up will occur
  • Address the patient’s thoughts and concerns



96% of patients were satisfied with their physician using the TRUST encounter versus 38% satisfaction with their prior doctor visit

97% of the patients found the written summary of the plan to address their concerns very helpful

69% of the patients shared this written summary with family and/or friends

Download the template used in this pilot study and start using now whether you are a patient or doctor. We welcome feedback in the forums.