What’s Next for Passport to TRUST

The Passport to TRUST initiative has the goal of providing the resources needed to optimize medical decision making for both patients and physicians. This includes optimizing two-way communication and engagement in treatment plans and ensuring active, longitudinal follow-up.


As a next step to the paper-based format, the goal is to build web-based and electronic communication tools from our prototypes to support the 3 building blocks to test and facilitate the implementation of the Passport to TRUST Program:


1.  Passport to TRUST Checklist

Add structure to the office visit, physician lists potential causes of the presenting problem, justifies tests and treatments, accesses latest information in real-time with the patient. This is critical as “personalized medicine” and the rapid pace of new technologies and screening tests require continuous updating of both patients and physicians and the rational use of health care resources.


2.  Roadmap to Health

Create a step-wise individual patient management plan with timelines – A Medical GPS equivalent.  This takes advantage of leveraging business models  to “project manage” an individual’s care.


3.  Online Dashboard

Use an online, interactive web-based program between patients and caregivers facilitating follow-up to allow continuous monitoring of adherence and identification of red flags/triggers and barriers to care. This will streamline follow-up, remove the barriers to contact between a physician and patient/family, and allow continuous quality improvement by seeing what works and what doesn’t work to treat a specific medical problem.