About Coryn’s Crusade

Most diagnostic approaches and treatments for chronic pancreatitis in children are based on the limited studies in adults. Minimal funding has been available to determine the cause of the disease in children and to define effective treatments. Yet, recent studies suggest that pancreatitis in children is increasing in frequency—and that cases of acute pancreatitis in children are associated with significant mortality.

Coryn’s Crusade for Kids in Pain supports world-renowned physician– researcher Steven Freedman, M.D., Ph.D., and the Pediatric Pancreatitis Interest Group in their efforts to address childhood pancreatitis. Together, they will define, through the TRUST Program, the triggers that should prompt a pediatrician to further evaluate a child with abdominal pain for chronic pancreatitis and then work with the family to develop a roadmap to improve health.

The Pediatric Pancreatitis Interest Group, of which Dr. Freedman is a key member, is an international collaboration of pediatric pancreatitis specialists who seek to develop earlier and better diagnostic tools, raise awareness and improve communication among pediatricians and parents, and conduct research to understand the causes and test the efficacy of treatments—resulting in life-saving interventions for children with this devastating disease.

Membership in the group has grown rapidly and now spans across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
With sufficient funding, teams such as the Pediatric Pancreatitis Interest Group are ready to immediately develop a database and biorepository which for the first time in medical history, can ascertain the true prevalence of pancreatitis in children, determine which genes and other biomarkers may be targets for diagnostic tests and therapeutic agents, plan pilot trials for treatment, and collect key data.

We know that through our fundraising we can help significantly improve the care of children who suffer from pancreatitis and offer some respite from their pain. With proper funding this extraordinary group of doctors can make critical advances in childhood-onset pancreatitis, offering families hope, relief and a community of support. We are certain that through these efforts other children and their families will be saved from needless pain and will experience the relief of having a defined plan for their care, providing a positive roadmap for the future.